Quickly ask
for a taxi
with OMNi.

With OMNiTaxi you can travel anytime, anywhere in the whole country.

Ask for a ride and know the fare upfront, get the best service and qualify the driver.

Do your first ride

Why OMNiTaxi is different?

24/7 service throughout the country.

Competitive rate and different payment methods.

Know the fare and driver before the trip.

Variety of vehicle types: sedan, 4×4 or Law 7600.

24/7 personalized support.

Rate the driver.

As easy as moving one finger.

  1. Open the super App OMNi.
  2. Choose destination
  3. Select your OMNiTaxi type
  4. Choose your payment method (Check your Moni before)
  5. The super app with calculate the fare
  6. Ask for your ride
  7. You’ll get your OMNiConductor.
  8. Everything is ready to start your trip
  9. Don’t forget to qualify your trip

Do you want to be OMNiConductor?

You can provide your official taxi service thru OMNiTaxi platform. You can receive trip requests, check your past trips and get your financial report.

Get an improved experience to every person that wants to use this transportation in the whole country. It makes your connection with the client easier, making you part of the mobility platform improvement.

What do I have to do?

  • Download the app iOS App Store o Google Android PlayStore
  • Complete the affiliation process
  • Wait for the documents approval.
  • Once your confirmed, your an OMNiConductor.
  • Make yourself available
  • Start receiving trip requests.

Become an OMNiTaxi driver

Take advantage and modernize your service with OMNiTaxi. We offer the best tools with the best support to support our big red, blue and white force. Affiliate, get more trips and get special benefits for you and your vehicle.

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