Is it possible to get a loan in 20 minutes?

Imagine yourself in this scenario: It’s 4:00 p.m. and you ask for a loan without making a single phone call. You follow some commands using your cell phone… You fill in some information you’re asked for (including some relevant details for you to apply as a borrower).

It’s 4:20 p.m. and your loan has been approved!

At 4:20! Just 20 minutes later!

It’s a real scenario now that’s it’s possible to ask for a loan using MoniPlus+, a new service from OMNiMoni. This #MoniMonday is about how this fast, safe, and effective way to make your wish come true, through your cell phone.


By the way, it’s important to understand that the borrower should fill several requirements in order to be creditworthy. MoniPlus+ request the following conditions:

  • The borrower should have the same employer for at least one year.
  • Its income should be of, at least, ¢325,000.00 (around $550).
  • The person should be a salaried employee.
  • The minimum age requirement is 25.

Oh, and something else, you should add a proof of payment. Are we clear this far about how someone becomes creditworthy?

And now… how is it possible to get a loan in 20 minutes?

We’re going to explain it using the case of MoniPlus+. Depending on the amount requested for the loan, there’s a fast lane to get it. 

If the requester asks between ¢650.000 and ¢1.250.000 ($1.050 and $2.100) and fits in the profile that we’ve set earlier, he/she could walk over that fast lane. It’s like saving time on the line, and with a digital process. 

And we need to repeat this: The whole process is digital and using the smartphone. It’s important to be insistent on this, as it might be something difficult to believe. Without moving or calling, each of the steps can be taken remotely. And this is part of the process, starting with requesting the loan until the last step. That means, receiving the money in your Moni account.

You can find MoniPlus on the main screen of the super app.
You can find MoniPlus on the main screen of the super app.

You might want to know more about this loan service:

  • The approval process and the deposit can be finished in 20 minutes through the fast lane (if the amount applies for it.)
  • It involves not a single printed document. 
  • It’s almost a self-service
  • The rates are competitive for the local market (between 21.25% and 29.5%)
  • No guarantor is required
  • You can pay the fees using Moni (included in the Super App)
  • Early cancellations are available.

And after all of this explanation, we hope that you’ve understood more about how it’s possible to get a loan in 20 minutes! And, just to clarify, this works for loans under some amount. In those exceptions, you’ll be reached by a representative in the following 48 hours to explain to you how to proceed.

When was the last time you asked for a loan? Tell us more about it and find more information about Moni’s services. 

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