How to Purchase Wisely on Black Friday – #MoniMonday

How to purchase on Black Friday might be a challenging mission, as there are tons of discounts in multiple shops.

Earlier, it was until the last Friday of November that these benefits happened. Now it has a longer version, named Black November. This means that special deals are enjoyable throughout the whole month.

As November started already, it’s a good time for you to consume tips and tricks to improve the way how you manage your money, expectations without feeling guilty afterward.

1. Do a list

Enlist your shopping priorities to ensure your purchasing only what you really need. You might include a couple of whims, but they will remain in the lowest positions. Having a real notion of your priorities will help you to avoid shopping impulsively.

2. Set a realistic budget

How much of your money are you able to spend on Black Friday’s purchases? To be responsible is to set a limit before going shopping. Consider your incomes, your savings, and your upcoming money movements to define the amount. This is one of the most important aspects that will determine how to purchase on Black Friday.

3. Keep track of the costs

Are you really taking advantage of the discounts? If you keep track of how the prices change in the last weeks before Black Friday, you’ll learn better if you’re really taking the best advantage of deals. It’s important to take into account that some shops inflate the original cost, and afterward, they regulate them to falsely announce great discounts. 

4. Use webpages and apps

2020’s Black Friday will be the first in history happening in pandemic times. That’s why it’s important for you to use prefer shopping online and using digital payments instead of going to shop. E-commerce options might give you tools for you to compare prices. In OMNi we can give you the advice of using ingo, a new option for you to purchase remotely, checking for a big number of products.

5. Don’t let curiosity be your motivation

Purchasing during Black Friday or even Black November should be attached to your real purchasing possibilities. Going out just for whims is not the wisest way of shopping. Your budget and your real priorities must lead any shopping decisions. So… beware of yourself! 

We hope these five pieces of advice might be helpful to you on how to purchase on Black Friday. In case you’re already using OMNiMoni to pay, remember that you can use the detailed reports for you to manage your finances.

Let us know in the comments section more about your shopping behavior. Are you planning to purchase something this Black Friday? 

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