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The non-bank way to move your finances.

OMNiMoni is the fintech solution where you can make transfers between your contacts, pay with a QR code and move your money, all from our super app.

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Move with propuse in OMNiBici

Revolutionize the mobility of your city. Save money and time when you reach your destination by bike, while you exercise and reduce your carbon footprint.

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In OMNi we combine technology, innovation and the desire to make your life easier, with solutions that you can find in a single super app. Ask for your taxi throughout the country, travel by bike and take advantage of the non-bank solution to keep control of your finances. Join the digital revolution with OMNi the Super App!

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Invest in a technological future with the Super App

Let’s make business! Joining OMNi is the best option you have. You can do it by investing or empowering your company while developing strategic alliances to become part of the revolution.

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